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7 levels of doneness of good beefsteak in Da Nang

Good beefsteak in Da Nang when cooked to the exact degree you want it to be. Our restaurant has chefs to help you enjoy the best doneness of beef steak. Let’s learn about the levels of ripeness of our restaurant’s best beefsteak through the following article with Red Sky Steakhouse.

Good beefsteak in Da Nang

Good beefsteak in Da Nang originated in the West, has long been famous all over the world. This dish is characterized by thin, flat slices of beef (loin), usually perpendicular to the grain of the meat. Then it is cooked, fried golden on both sides, half raw and half cooked, combined with oil, fat, spices such as pepper, onions… It’s not easy to prepare, but the stages of marinating, frying and baking are also very easy. . Beefsteak is a popular dish worldwide and is commonly found in many fine dining restaurants such as Red Sky Steakhouse. Cookiness is a measurement based on the internal color and temperature of the meat during cooking.

Some degrees of doneness of good beefsteak

100% alive meat level

This is an unprocessed, completely raw beef steak. With this level, in Europe often make beef Tartare (Steak tartare), also known as rare French beef. Cooking this dish with unclean meat has a high risk of helminth infection, so it is recommended not to try it to ensure health safety.

Raw grade – cooked meat 10%

This piece of meat is usually sautéed for about 30 seconds on each side, so the outside is a bit scorched but the inside is still cold with a bright red and succulent, almost raw meat. To further stimulate the taste, many people will squeeze more lemons for a sour taste or dip them in green pepper sauce to increase the spiciness. The most popular of these ripenesses is the “Pittsburgh rare” variety.

Rare level – cooked meat 25%

The meat is grilled on the grill briefly to scorch the outside with the following characteristics: the meat inside is warm, the meat is still bright red and still succulent, the outside will be slightly pink. Both sides of the steak are usually cooked in about 2 – 2.5 minutes.

Undercooked level – 50% cooked meat

The outside of the meat is scorched but the inside is completely warm, the bright red in the center fades, the layer near the surface is pale brown and the meat is also less succulent. To reach this level, it is necessary to grill each side of the meat for 3-4 minutes. Medium rare steak is considered by many people to be delicious because of its moderateness: the meat is tender, not too cooked to lose all quality but also not too raw to worry about safety and hygiene. The underripe grade is also often the most preferred by Westerners.

Medium doneness – meat 75% done

The meat is scorched on the outside, dark brown on all four sides, hot inside, no longer bright red but only pink. For medium done steak, sear or grill for about 4-6 minutes on each side. This is the steak level chosen by many Asian diners to eat.

Level of doneness – 90% cooked meat

The cooked steak is characterized by the outside of the meat has turned pale brown and the meat is no longer water, the inside is only a little pink. To achieve this, you need to grill the meat for about 5 minutes on each side.

Fully cooked level – 100% cooked meat

For a well-cooked steak, the meat is completely brown from the outside to the inside. The meat is quite dry, has the most aroma of all levels. You only need to cook each side of the meat within 6 minutes if you want to eat it completely like this.

Hopefully with the above sharing, you will have more choices to be able to enjoy good beefsteak in Da Nang properly at Red Sky Steakhouse with your friends, relatives or lovers. This is steakhouse space in Da Nang, very good. If you have a need to find a restaurant in Da Nang. Please save the article to easily find Red Sky Steakhouse restaurant and enjoy a variety of delicious dishes.


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