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Book a table at Red Sky Steakhouse to enjoy the famous taste of steakhouse Da Nang 

Enjoy dinner in a romantic and cozy steakhouse space. With friends and relatives sitting by a glass of wine, the waves mix with melodious melodies. It is always the perfect choice for dates or family gatherings. Good beefsteak should be textured, soft, sweet, and watery, but not all beefsteaks do. So what is the secret behind a good steakhouse Da Nang?

Start things off with a delicious steak at the Da Nang steakhouse

To enjoy delicious food, start with best beefsteak. Beefsteak in Da Nang is favored by the famous “brand” of steak. American cows are cared for by a diet combining fresh grass in the first years of life and rich grains that make the layers of meat bright red, and hydrated with sweetness and fat. To classify beef, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has set 8 standards such as prime, choice, select, standard, commercial or utility… But currently, there are only 3 high standards including Prime, Choice and Select.

In particular, American premium beef has a uniform fat ratio, and excellent quality with balanced sweetness and fat. Because it is excellent with a uniform fat texture, a balance between sweetness and fat. Did you know that every year, less than 2% of this meat is selected according to the standards of the USDA (US Department of Agriculture). Accordingly, the meat will be used to prepare beefsteak dishes at premium Steakhouse restaurants such as Red Sky Steakhouse. And of course there are also “expensive” restaurants.

The best beefsteak dishes are very popular with chefs at steakhouse Da Nang





The level of maturity of the finest Beefsteak in Da Nang

– Level 1: Raw

– Level 2: Blue rare – Extra rare – Blue

– Level 3: Rare

– Level 4: Medium rare

– Level 5: Medium

– Level 6: Medium well

– Level 7: Well done

Satisfy your passion for beefsteak at the top 1 luxury steakhouse restaurant in the center of Da Nang

To create a famous piece of Beefsteak that makes a name for itself, the steakhouse restaurant must have the technique of both temperature and time to be able to adjust the different doneness on the piece of meat, depending on the taste of the person enjoying it. Red Sky Steakhouse Restaurant has a romantic and extremely luxurious space in the center of Da Nang city. This is the place where you can enjoy famous beefsteak dishes from Da Nang steakhouse prepared by professional chefs. This must be one of the great choices if you want to enjoy the best beefsteak specially prepared in an extremely luxurious space, mixing classic and innovative features right in the heart of Da Nang city. .

Come to Red Sky Steakhouse to enjoy the best beefsteak at steakhouse in Da Nang with red wine. At the same time, feel the delicious taste of the best meals and the sweetness of a first date. Book a table now via the hotline +84 236 3894895/ 0905727576.


Red Sky Steakhouse

248 Tran Phu Street, Da Nang City

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