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Enjoy the best steak in Da Nang at Red Sky Steakhouse – the ideal place for steak-lovers

In a bustling city like Da Nang, it’s not difficult to find a restaurant for dates and meetings. However, finding some peace, in a classic, cozy place can take your soul to the wonderful world of food. Join us to visit Red Sky Steakhouse, one of the famous steakhouses in the heart of Da Nang. It has a unique style of culture from a distant Western country. Let’s learn about the best steak in Da Nang.

Red Sky Steakhouse – the ideal date spot that you cannot miss

Red Sky Steakhouse prides itself on serving fine dishes in the style of a 5-star restaurant. Our Best steak in Da Nang uses only the best ingredients and products. Exclusively for high quality, natural beef from Australia and purebred Wagyu. The menu is mainly focused on good beef steak, Red Sky Steakhouse also has a lot of dishes and many delicious options. Sure to satisfy the most demanding gourmets.

Address: 248 Tran Phu Street, Da Nang City


Phone: +84 236 3894895/ 0905727576

Our steakhouse restaurant has a luxurious u style with impressive architectural design. Our restaurant brand is proud to be rated by visitors as the most classy and quality restaurant in Da Nang.

Experience at Red Sky Steakhouse – the best steak in Da Nang

A diner shares his experience at Red Sky Steakhouse restaurant “Red Sky Steakhouse is located in a quite prime location, on Tran Phu street, one of the areas that is the center of Da Nang people. The steak here is extremely delicious, grilled to my liking, and wagyu beef is very good. Regarding the sauce, it is still preferred to serve with black pepper.” The beefsteak at Red Sky Steakhouse is extremely famous for its rich and unique flavor, although the chefs do not need to decorate it. In addition to the delicious beefsteak in Da Nang, the food and other drinks here are also highly appreciated by many diners for their quality. Beefsteak when served with wine will be softer, more moist and sweeter in the mouth. Not only does it help to make food more flavorful and delicious, but wine also has a positive effect on the user’s digestive system.

When you come to our restaurant, you will have many choices of meat, along with detailed advice from the staff about the accompanying wine and also side dishes such as bread, grilled garlic, etc. little by little, making the dish perfect. In particular, the restaurant’s wine with the steak is very delicious, easy to drink, and easy to get addicted to. If you are in need of enjoying the best steak in Da Nang, please contact us immediately to reserve a table as quickly as possible!


Red Sky Steakhouse

248 Tran Phu Street, Da Nang City

  +84 236 3894895/0905727576