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White Chocolate Cheese Cake with Coconut Ice Cream



White chocolate cheese cake is quite familiar to people around the world due to its eye-catching appearance as well as its flavor, of course. The crunchy biscuit base topped with smooth, creamy and indulgent white chocolate would be the ideal dessert for you and your family to enjoy together.

At Red Sky Bar & Restaurant, we provide customers with this dessert and it would be eaten with coconut ice cream. This will stimulate the taste buds of our customer because the combination of flavors and textures is just perfect. However, making a white chocolate cheesecake is quite challenging although our experienced and professional chef can easily deal with it.

The fact that white chocolate doesn’t contain the cocoa solids that regular chocolate has and isn’t really “chocolate”. The difference between them always makes it tricky to work with, even when making something like white chocolate ganache.

But once it works, not only the look of the cheesecake but also its taste are incredible. It is utterly delicious, the cheesecake mixture is so fluffy and full of flavour.

Do you remember the accompanying coconut ice cream to eat with? It matches the fresh and coolness of the ice cream with the sweetness of white chocolate. All those things come together and make a perfect dessert that could satisfy even the pickiest customer.

Come to Red Sky bar & restaurant to enjoy our mouthwatering and appetizing White chocolate cheese cake now.

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