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Red Sky Steakhouse: enjoy the best beefsteak in Da Nang for a first date

Good beef steak is no longer a strange dish for European gourmets. It is one of the Western dishes that young people love and choose on the first date. Vietnam is now home to countless steakhouses from budget to high-end, and foodies are increasingly looking for more places to enjoy fine steak. Here are some interesting things you may not know about the best beefsteak in Da Nang. Let’s see.

The perfect cuts of beef for the perfect steak

Beefsteak is a world-famous dish consisting of thinly sliced beef that is grilled, pan-fried or cooked at high temperature. Depending on the heat level, beefsteak is processed differently according to the requirements of the diners. Beefsteak is usually served with sauces and vegetables. Delicious sauce is the soul of the best beefsteak in Da Nang, and the choice of sauce determines the richness and deliciousness of the dish and shows the personality and style of the person enjoying it. The value of beefsteak is determined by the selection of fresh meat sources, and the percentage of fat in the meat. To make a good steak, our restaurant always chooses some of the best quality beef to make the perfect steak.

Tenderloin Steak

Tenderloin is the tastiest and tenderest of all the cuts of beef. This meat is very sweet, and fragrant and has the best nutritional content. The proper doneness for this type of meat is usually rare or medium-cooked. The sirloin steak is extremely low in fat and has been dubbed the “King of Steaks” because of its “softness like butter”. Because of that special, this part of meat has a high price compared to other pieces of meat.

Wagyu Rib Eye

Wagyu Rib Eye is a popular steak dish known to many gourmets. This is a piece of meat that is cut along the ribs with added fat to enhance the flavor of the meat. The middle part of the meat is leaner than the edge. In restaurants and large hotels, people often call this dish beef rib steak because in the fibers of the meat there is a layer of fat, so it is juicy, tender and fragrant like beef tenderloin. When eating, you will feel like the meat is melting in your mouth, greasy and especially delicious.

The level of doneness of the finest beefsteak

The taste of the best beefsteak in Da Nang is greatly influenced by the processing temperature. Depending on the preferences of the diners, the chef will adjust the temperature so that the beefsteak reaches different degrees of doneness. Here are six perfect levels for a great steak.

Level 1: Raw

This is a 100% raw, unprocessed meat that is still bright red and still warm. This level of beef is often used to make the famous French tartare.

Level 2: Blue rare – Extra rare – Blue

At this level, the meat is only 10% cooked, they are grilled on the stove for about 30 seconds. Because of this processing, the meat inside is still tender and red, while the outside is a little burnt.

Level 3: Rare

At this level, the beef is 25% cooked. This steak is lightly sautéed on both sides by the chef at a temperature of 30 to 51 degrees Celsius to keep the meat bright red and succulent. Rare meat will cook slightly more than raw meat because they are lightly browned on both sides. They are usually baked for about 2 minutes on each side.

Level 4: Medium rare

At this level, when cooked, the steak will be slightly pale, the surface is brown and the meat in the middle is light pink, cooking time is 3-4 minutes at 57 – 63 degrees Celsius.

Level 5: Medium

At this level, the beef is only 75% cooked. This level is preferred by Asians who are not used to eating raw beef. The chef will grill the meat for at least 4 minutes on each side to reach 75% doneness. The cut beef was rare, sweet and moist inside.

Level 6: Medium well

Cooked meat will cook about 90% of the total meat and the temperature will be from 72 – 77 degrees C. The surface of the meat is darker brown and the inside is only a little pink.

Level 7: Well done

The meat is 100% cooked and perfectly browned. Then the temperature of the meat is about 77 degrees Celsius or more. The meat is a bit dry but not too dry and retains its attractive aroma. It is usually grilled on one side for about 6 minutes and then grilled over low heat to create a delicious, beautiful steak.

Discover delicious beefsteak dishes at Red Sky Steakhouse

Now, steak has become more popular, so it is quite easy to find a restaurant that has the best beefsteak in Da Nang. Enjoy Steak in the romantic atmosphere of ancient Europe like Red Sky Steakhouse. As a steak addict, you will surely find it difficult to miss the opportunity to enjoy the unique flavor of a wonderfully prepared steak thanks to professional chefs.

Come to Red Sky Steakhouse to satisfy your taste buds with the best beefsteak in Da Nang and red wine. At the same time, feel the delicious taste of the best meals and the sweetness of a first date. Book a table now via hotline +84 236 3894895/ 0905727576.


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