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Red Sky Beef Burger


When it comes to western fast food, one thing for sure that a crispy hot burger would be the first thing that immediately pops up in your mind. If you are a food lover, then you probably already know that there are various kinds of burger out there: There are lamb burgers- a burger made out of a tender and juicy piece of meat with an authentic taste. There are tuna burgers- a burger with the special flavour of seafood. However, is there anything more scrumptious and satisfying than a perfect traditional beef burger?

Red Sky Bar & Restaurant confidently brings the flavor and traditional taste of a beef burger to customers. All the ingredients to make a perfect beef burger will be strictly chosen by our professional and experienced chefs.

Red Sky always chooses the freshly ground, organic minced beef to make our burger as tasty as possible. Moreover, the beef minced are also perfectly seasoned with salt and pepper, then flatten out into disc shapes to grill. After being cooked, the beef patties will be placed on buns with tomato slices, onions, cheese, etc, and ready to serve with chips.

Come to Red Sky Bar & Restaurant to enjoy our mouthwatering and appetizing beef burgers now.

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