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Wagyu Tomahawk for 2/3 people


What kind of meat that is well known worldwide for its marbling characteristics and naturally enhanced flavor, tenderness, and juiciness you can think of? I bet all of you think of Wagyu Tomahawk being one of those. It is considered the finest steak eating experience.

Physical characteristics and the name 

This is essentially a rib eye with the bone left in (frenched or trimmed) for beautiful presentation. In the past, the long bone was used as a handle. This is where the name came from – Tomahawk. This Tomahawk Steak, also called Long Bone Cowboy Steak – is well marbled for the perfect taste

Red Sky Wagyu Tomahawk 

A big swatch of creamy fat in the middle melts into the meat as it cooks, boosting the flavor, so this is the steak you want when you’re looking to add big impact and big flavor to your grilling.

Perfect for when only the largest, juiciest, manliest steak will do, our Wagyu Tomahawk steaks come in several sizes for you to choose. Each piece is cut with precision and poise by our veteran butchers. This attention to detail provides the highest quality mouth-watering filet mignon every time you enjoy it!

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