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Tuna Carpaccio


Tuna Carpaccio must be a very familiar dish for many customers, which is made by thinly slicing fresh raw tuna and serving it with a sour or spicy sauce. This is one of must-try dishes especially in the summer, when it can be quite cool and refreshing.

Special Recipe of Red Sky Bar & Restaurant

The main part of this dish is definitely the tuna. The crucial thing making a perfect tuna carpaccio is to use fish which is as fresh and meticulously handled as possible. Red Sky Bar & Restaurant always ensures that our fishes are all purchased directly at the docks and not frozen. 

Our high quality tuna is tenderly cut like toro. It is cut thinly and then pounded to make it even thinner, and when the tuna is of good quality, tuna carpaccio will be extremely tender, with an almost buttery texture which causes it to melt in the mouth.

Additionally, we also add prawns to the dish for better flavor. These prawns are crispy fried, mingling with the soft flesh of tuna to bring a perfect combination on your tongue. 

Another different thing about our Tuna Carpaccio is the sauce. We do not use spicy sauce in case many people cannot eat it. Instead, we serve you lemon vinaigrette, which simultaneously kills the bacteria and triggers customers’ taste. In addition to the sauce, this dish is served with a garnish like parsley, cilantro, and decoratively carved vegetables. 

Many customers have rated Tuna Carpaccio as one of their favourite starters at Red Sky Bar & Restaurant. Come to visit our restaurant at the address below to savour this such a simple but tasty dish. 

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