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Beef Rossini


The harmony of delicious French delicacies

Beef Rossini, also known as Tournedos Rossini is a popular steak dish that originated in France. 

This could either mean a beef fillet, or several slices of beef that are first pan fried and then roasted. It is then topped with a slice of fresh whole foie gras pate. And pan-fried again quickly before serving on the plate.

At Red Sky Bar & Restaurant, Beef Rossini is carefully processed in order to make it taste as its French flavors as possible to the customer.

You can hardly resist the premium Tenderloin, served with juicy French foie gras, especially served with fresh mushrooms or vegetables. The mouth-watering soft taste of Tenderloin blends with the delicate fatty taste of grilled foie gras can completely conquer your taste buds. The mushroom will make your sense of smell ecstatic with the aroma.

It is the blend of fertile red soil in Europe (beef) and wet summer (vegetables), condensed into a generous, pungent and mysterious scent.

Today, in many steakhouses Beef Rossini is often served with salad as a side dish. This is because the freshness of salad would reduce the fatness in the steak. And boost the flavour of your dishes.

Moreover, the vegetables in salad also contribute to your body a huge amount of fiber and vitamins. So combining salad and this dish will fulfill the nutritions your body needs and bring about numerous benefits afterward.

If you have never tried this dish, you may have missed the quintessence of a famous French culinary. So, come to Red Sky Bar & Restaurant now, you can enjoy the dish that summonses all the voluptuous pleasure of haute cuisine – Beef Rossini.

Come to Red Sky Bar & Restaurant to enjoy the pleasure of delicious Beef Rossini combined with fresh Salad.

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