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Crab Meat Cakes


Crab cakes are a variety of fishcakes popular in the United States. They are composed of crab meat and various other ingredients, such as bread crumbs, mayonnaise, mustard eggs, and seasonings, particularly the cake is then sautéed, baked, grilled, deep fried, or broiled, and then served. Crab Meat Cakes will whet your taste buds before heading to the main party at Red Sky.

A light appetizer

Crab is a nutritious meat but does not contain too much fat. In addition, the nutritional content of crab meat also contains proteins, minerals, vitamins, … In particular, crab meat also contains very little mercury, which is very good for the health of users.

The perfect combination between rice paper and meat

The ingredients are properly mixed together, a little spices and sauce make a perfect dish. Fresh crab, mayonnaise and parsley are combined and grilled to the right degree without drying to create a delicious dinner with family or friends. The veteran craftsmen will weigh and measure the cakes with precision and sophistication. CRAB MEAT CAKE will bring a unique taste when prepared by its own recipe at Red Sky for customers who love crab meat.

Eye-catching decoration, blending colors

A perfect dish is not only about the taste but also the decoration. Red Sky will bring diners the perfect taste to taste. This appetizer is eye-catching by a golden brown crust that has been baked in moderation and time. But not so, the cake will dry out. Crispy crust, melt when enjoying. Just eat the cake, taste the crab meat without being fat. CRAB MEAT CAKE with a few parsley garnished with a sauce will add to the eye of your plate. Each dish is a detailed process, right from the selection of ingredients to processing and decoration. Red Sky always brings luxury and cozy parties to diners. Let’s go to Red Sky Bar & Restaurant.

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