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Tasmanian Salmon Steak


Tasmanian Salmon steak- special dish and nutritious food

Red Sky Bar & Restaurant uses the luxurious ingredient from farmed in the cold clean waters of Tasmanian, this fish which is sought after by many of the top restaurants in the world (including Thailand). Salmon steak is a common filet salmon fish classified as an oily fish with a rich source of protein and omega-3 fatty. Smooth and mild flavour with a delicate texture. Tasmanian Salmon steak is ideal for a roast or special occasion.

With popular ingredients such as salmon, black pepper, salt, lemon, green onion and rosemary. Our restaurant is honored to bring you a great meal and full of nutrients. This dish can be served for regular lunch or dinner, as well as for a festival table. The salmon steak itself is fine, but even better when grilled with veggies, mushrooms, cheese. 

Red Sky bar & restaurant offers you some salad dishes that can combine with Tasmanian Salmon steak . As the preferences of many customers of Red Sky, it is best combined with Garden Green Salad. The combination of sweet salmon and fresh crispy salad will give you an unforgettable taste. In addition, the salad dressing with a special recipe of Red Sky Bar & Restaurant will be a catalyst to create the perfect blend of the two dishes. This steak is quite suitable for those who want to eat deliciously while ensuring health and losing weight.

So, come to Red Sky Bar & Restaurant now, you can enjoy Tasmanian Salmon steak combined with some fresh salad that brings to you the memorable taste. 

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