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Steak O.P Rib


The word O.P simply means Oven Prepared. Steak O.P Rib  is from the front longissimus dorsi. From the rib primal cut of the steer with rib bone attached. 

It’s very highly marbled – much of the rich, beefy flavor comes from the fat, making this an exceptionally flavorful steak. 

Red Sky Steak O.P Rib 

It is considered a more flavorful cut than other steaks, alternates fat and less muscle, creating a part of meat with the blend of lean, fat, and muscle so when enjoying, diners can feel the soft, crispy medium, delicious and very nutritious.

It’s the marbling of fat that makes this suitable for slow roasting or grilling cooked to different degrees of doneness.

Marbling also increases tenderness, which plays a key role in consumers’ rib steak purchase choices. Try our Red Sky Steak OP Rib and feel just like the flintstones…

Steak OP Rib is the perfect choice for you when you want to enjoy the largest, juiciest, manliest that steak will do. 

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